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Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride is the material used by leading builders for windows and doors in residential and commercial structures. If you are looking to install UPVC windows, let us look at what makes UPVC windows the perfect fit for your house.

Primary Advantages you can Enjoy by Installing UPVC Doors and Windows

Durability: UPVC is a material that is industrially known for its tenacity and strength. It can resist high duress and extreme weather conditions. As a result, it can shield your home against adverse climates like hail, rain, and snow. Ultraviolet resistance of UPVC also ensures that windows of this material can withstand intense sun rays. Most UPVC windows easily last for more than 25 years, once installed.

Corrosion-resistant: A significant advantage provided by UPVC is that it does not rot or get corroded by pollution or rain, unlike traditional window construction material. As any manufacturer of UPVC windows would tell you, this material does not rust easily and hence, requires minimum maintenance.

Sound-proofing: If privacy and tranquillity are your top priorities, a UPVC window can go a long way in catering to your needs. The material is perfect for the reduction of external noise. We customise our window structures using UPVC according to your needs.

Light-weight: UPVC is extremely light-weight. This makes installation a hassle-free affair. It can be better fitted into the existing structure of your premises. Further, the low weight makes it easy for you to use.

Good insulation: UPVC and double glazing are perfect for maintaining consistent home temperatures. Heath Windows Ltd. offers reliable UPVC windows. The material is exceptionally potent in preventing the transfer of heat. As a result, the external conditions do not affect the temperature within the house, ensuring maximum comfort for you.

Pocket-friendly: UPVC is cheaper than traditional window construction material. Since it is durable, it requires very low maintenance.

Security: Most UPVC windows can be fitted with high-performing multi-locking and security systems. This provides greater safety for your premises, and you can rest easy every time you step out of your house or office.

Low maintenance cost: It is effortless to clean UPVC windows. A regular wipe with a cloth and cleaning spray is enough to keep the dirt and dust at bay. As a result, it requires very little time and cost investment for maintenance.

We, at Heath Windows Ltd., aim to provide the best UPVC windows. Our goal is to cater to the needs of our customers and provide high-quality services at all times.



Heath Windows

There is neck to neck competition in the real estate market today. If you are selling a house, it is almost impossible to get the price you want from a buyer. This is because of the vast array of options available to potential buyers. A little bit of investment in the house before showing it to the seller can yield unbelievable returns. One of the best ways to increase the value of your home would be by upgrading the windows.

Why should you upgrade your windows?

The first impression usually lasts for a very long time. If your house or its exteriors look old and unattractive, the buyer might reject it instantly. Apart from the colour of your walls, the doors and windows can make a lasting impact.

What are the other benefits of upgrading the windows?

Apart from the aesthetics provided by windows, here are some of the reasons buyers can choose your house:

  • Large glass windowsprovide ample natural light which reduces the dependency on artificial lighting sources. At first glance, this will also make your house more extensive than it is, fresh and welcoming to the buyers.
  • Windows also make the house more energy-efficient. It traps the sunlight and hot air inside and prevents the cold air outside from coming in. This saves bucks due to lesser use of the power required for heating.
  • Old windows can be a threat to security, as well. Strong windows with fitted and durable locking systems will secure the house from theft or harsh weather conditions.

Here are some tips to upgrade your windows:

  • Single glazed windowsare a thing of the past. The demand for double glazed windows is skyrocketing, and the reasons are apparent. Double glazed windows provide security, warmth, energy efficiency as well as noise cancellation. If you have never tried double glazed windows before, you will be delighted at the difference these can make.
  • Plastic UPVC windowscan be one of the most off-putting things in your house. Upgrade to timber windows and notice the enormous difference it makes. These are incredibly durable options and last for more than 60 years and still looks beautiful.
  • Weatherproofing your windows is a perfect idea and will give your house an upper hand at justifying the price you are asking for it.

A little bit of investment can go a long way, but this is a job for the professionals. It might go wrong with the wrong choice of the service provider. Heath Windows is famed for some of the best services. They impart the best of quality in their work, and there are so many services to choose from. You can also request a quote from them free of cost!



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Do you wish to replace the existing windows of your period property? Are you on the lookout for windows which compliment the beautiful aesthetics of your unique home? Premium quality UPVC windows in Sussex can be the perfect addition to your period property. Wondering what makes these casements the ideal choice for your abode? Check out the guide below.

Whether you live in an Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian home, it’s likely that you are still using wooden windows. However, old casements are vulnerable to decay and need replacement with time. Window innovations have come a long way since the time your ancient home was built. And, UPVC windows can be your perfect choice since these come with a host of modern advantages even while maintaining traditional aesthetics.

Here’s why UPVC windows are the best options for your unique home.

4 Key Benefits Of Choosing UPVC Windows In Sussex For Period Properties

1.Heritage Look

One of the greatest benefits of selecting glazed windows is that they can help you recreate the heritage look. Most windows do not have the aesthetics to complement the look of a period property. No matter which period your home belongs to, there’s a UPVC window to suit every traditional property. Unlike timber, these casements do not require any repeating and so you can be assured that the colour won’t fade.

2.Improved Thermal Retention Enhanced Security

Upgrading to high-quality UPVC windows can overhaul your house’s overall comfort. Owing to internal multi-chamber integration, UPVC frames can better trap the natural heat generated in your home. Not only does this reduce the chance of heat filtering outwards, but also lowers energy costs. So, you can get the excellent thermal performance of UPVC along with its stunning aesthetics.

3.Attractive & Easy To Maintain

Even though timber casements bring great joy with them, they require a vast amount of maintenance. This is why most homeowners prefer installing UPVC windows in their period properties. UPVC windows in Sussex are both attractive and easier to maintain. This means that you need not sacrifice the classic style of your property due to low-maintenance qualities. Thanks to high-quality UPVC frames, you can retain the heritage look of your house without devoting much time and effort.

4.Wide Range Of Options To Choose From

UPVC windows are available in a plethora of options to suit all kinds of period properties. No matter which period your house belongs to, there are window designs which perfectly suit your house. Styles like bay and bow, sash and flush sash have been popular since the Victorian period. Moreover, when you approach a leading installer, you can be assured that you will find a style which perfectly suits the style of your house.

So, don’t you think these casements are indeed beneficial for your home? Time to choose the best UPVC windows and enhance the appeal of your period property!



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There has recently been an increase in the demand for double glazing as people now know that it is one of the most energy-efficient choices. Though there are various types of windows you can choose from, interior designers always suggest their clients to include double glazing. They are quite popular in the world of interior designing.

It is not just about windows, double glazed is also used to make beautiful glass partitions and sleek glass stairways. You will be surprised to know that hundreds of homeowners in Sussex have already embraced double glazing because of their stylish properties and versatility. If you are also willing to enhance the appeal of your home by installing double glazing, know the latest trends ruling the market.

Installing Double Glazing In Sussex? Know The Latest Trends For 2020
  • Glass Installation In Shower Areas

Double glazed in wetrooms and walk-in showers are two of the most popular trends people have been following since last year. If you want the walk-in shower area to be both stylish and practical, install frameless glass as the shower screens. The ‘wow-factor’ of these made-to-measure screens can boost the appeal of your bathroom. Install the glass in such a way so that you get easy access to the shower area.

  • Frosted Glass

Though frosted glasses are not new in the glazing industry, they have now become the latest double glazing trend. They complement houses with a classic touch. Both fluted and frosted glasses are a reflection of the classical age. Fluted glass has now become an integral feature of glass processing cap. According to a survey conducted recently, more kitchen designers will start using fluted glasses for cabinets next year.

  • Energy Efficient Doors And Windows

If you are planning to undertake a home renovation project, replace the old doors and windows in your house with energy-efficient double glazed. It is not only about energy efficiency, homeowners prefer using it for doors and windows as they require very less maintenance.

  • Glass With Less Sightlines

The beauty of glass enhances if it has fewer obstructions. Glass with fewer sightlines will not only allow natural light to enter your rooms easily but also reduce your energy bills. Ask your double glazing installer to make door and windows with fewer frames and maximise the entry of light. You can also use patterned, ultra-clear and frosted glass to customise your glass doors.

Since you are now aware of the latest double glazing trends expected to rule 2020, it’s time you choose one and enhance the beauty of your interiors.